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We are a licensed Insolvency Practice who offer a very cost-effective, affordable liquidation service for limited companies covering Creditors Voluntary Liquidations (CVL) and Members Voluntary Liquidations (MVL).

Low Cost Prices

We aim to make the liquidation process more affordable for small businesses. You can get an instant quote online to find out exactly how much liquidation will cost using our quote calculator.

Why Are We So Cheap?

You can complete much of the liquidation process online on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. The process is much faster and more efficient that the traditional approach by other practices. This allows to be one of the cheapest liquidators in the UK.

What if you can't afford to pay for an Insolvency Practitioner to liquidate your company

Can't Afford a Liquidation, What are your Options?

There are several options available to you to close your limited company. We can help explain the differences between dissolving the company and striking off the Companies House Register, Compulsory Liquidation or Voluntary Liquidation (instructing an Insolvency Practitioner).

A liquidators fees could be paid from asset realisation (when liquidated any company assets are sold and the proceeds distributed to the creditors. The fees can sometimes be covered by the sale of these assets), from the company itself, or by you personally. As a company director, you may also be entitled to claim redundancy when your company enters liquidation or administration.

Alternatives to Voluntary Liquidation

If it's not possible to pay the fees for a creditors voluntary liquidation, then you may have to wait for a creditor (who is owed more than £750) to apply to the court for a winding up petition, which in turn will start the process of Compulsory Liquidation.

How Much Does Liquidation Cost?

To find out how much liquidation will cost, you can use our liquidation quote calculator. You simply tell us how much debt the company has (how much is owed), and to how many different creditors (individuals or companies who are owed money), and give us some further detail about the company and we'll give you an instant estimate of our fees.

Get The Right Advice, As Early As Possible

If you are a director of a company that is insolvent, and you can’t afford to pay your debts as and when they are due as soon as you become aware of this, you should cease trading if continuing will make the situation worse for creditors. It's not worth the risk trading while insolvent. The penalties of such can be severe and could have an effect on you personally. Generally speaking, the earlier you get help, the better your outcome will be.

In a formal liquidation proceeding, a licensed insolvency practitioner must be appointed as liquidator.

If you are concerned about the costs of a liquidation, and if the company does not have sufficient assets to pay for the cost of liquidating the company, please contact us now to arrange a free, confidential consultation with one of our insolvency experts, and we can outline the available options to you and your company, and advise you accordingly. Call 800 009 6450.

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All our Insolvency Practitioners are regulated and licensed by the Insolvency Practitioner's Association ('IPA'). Liquidations Online is a trading name of Cromwell Insolvency Limited (10152348). If we are appointed as the Liquidator for your company, you will deal with us directly throughout the entire liquidation process of your company.